Fashion Editor


Interactive Design


2017 年 07 月 12 日


VOGUE Taiwan




We need a represent a long term workflow in the fashion magazine industry. Audience can experienced the stories in the critical path.


We used projection mapping by 3 projectors to created a shooting space where the visitors can be one of the cover models in the fashion magazine. Three Ip Cam can take a shoot from the left, right and front angle in the same time. we tried to simulate the professional photographers’ view to take a pictures. In the same time the touch screen provide the diverse art patterns that can control the projecting background. The photos can be sent to the layout editing status. The final steps that pre-view pages shows on the wall that visitors took the photos in the shooting space.


“Fashion Editor” project shows the editing process in the fashion magazine industry by interactive installation. There are four steps of the editing process: 1. Editing meeting, 2. Photo shooting, 3.Layout editing, 4. Pre-print review. After experiencing the displays of the steps, the visitors can achieve a better understanding of the fashion magazine editing.

People know the fashion magazine editing process in the detail. And audience love to repeatedly take the photos. It shows an phenomenon that people love to see themselves on the magazine pages more them other info.

"Sara Huang, VOGUE Marketing Director"