Future Runway Show


Interactive Design


2014 年 09 月 05 日


VOGUE Taiwan


This project created a virtual runway on the 2.5 x 8 m wall. The idea represent everybody can be a fashion designer. They can draw the clothing texture by any coloring patent. The model on the screen will wear the users design work on the virtual runway.


We used the  blue screen method on the clothes. The programer selected a specific RGB parameters to remove the texture on model clothes. And let the new texture on the background.   The visitor can draw the clothes texture on the paper and use a touch screen scan the new texture. Finally the texture will sent to the virtual runway stage.


We are appreciate the  VOGUE magazine Taiwan gave DigiPuppet Design this opportunity to do this wonderful work. And my co-works mini Wu, Abei Liu, Gi-Chie Cheung.

Our expectations were absolutely surpassed. We are so glad we chose DigiPuppet Design for our new show room.

"Sara Huang,Marketing Director"